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About Us

At Back to Play, we strive to provide children with a safe environment to explore, learn, and engage in child-led play. We are a non-profit organization that believes in the power of play and aim to provide a nurturing environment for kids to enjoy. We promote the physical, mental, and emotional development of youth while providing parents with an opportunity to connect with other families. Our approach allows children to immerse themselves in a creative and caring atmosphere that encourages learning, growth, and independence. We want our families to have access to the resources they need to provide their children with meaningful, interactive experiences that will last a lifetime.


Our Story

Back to Play started with the hope of child-led play for my own family. As a stay-at-home parent, I looked for options for my children to play and explore without being in school or formal programs. Not seeing many options in Jefferson County, I thought “Why not me?” 

Our board members come from various fields and have a wealth of experience that helps motivate our mission. Our members include therapists, social workers, teachers, and other professionals who are passionate about helping children and families. 

Meet The Board

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Click here for our board meeting minutes

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