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Our 2024 Workshops

We have planned some fun learning events for this year and will continue to brainstorm and collaborate ideas for the future!

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Back to Play Homeschool Support

At Back to Play, we understand that homeschooling is a rewarding yet sometimes challenging journey. We are offer a dedicated space and time for homeschooling families to connect, share experiences, and access valuable resources. Our group aims to enrich your homeschooling adventure through workshops, play dates, and expert-led sessions.

Connecting Homeschooling Families

Our homeschooling support initiative provides a platform for families to come together, share insights, and build a strong sense of community. Whether you're a seasoned homeschooler or just starting out, you'll find a welcoming environment where you can connect with like-minded families.

Monthly Workshops and Play dates

We invite you to join us on the first Friday of every month for our workshops and play dates:

  1. Workshops: These workshops cover a wide range of topics and electives beyond the typical curriculum. Our aim is to broaden horizons and introduce new skills and knowledge to both parents and children. Past workshops have included subjects like first aid, CPR, handwriting improvement, shoe tying, creative arts, foreign language exploration, outdoor skills, and many more! We are open to new ideas if you have a topic you would like to teach in a workshop. 

  2. Play dates: During and after our workshop, we host a play date where children can interact and engage in open-ended play while parents exchange ideas and plan for the upcoming workshops. 

Supporting Our Program

Our homeschooling support program is open to all families, and participation in our workshops and play dates are free. However, we greatly appreciate a contribution of $10 per family for supplies and activities to help us continue offering valuable resources.

Get Involved

To be part of our homeschooling support program or to stay updated on upcoming workshops and play dates, please check out our Facebook events, email, or stop by the playroom and check us out! We also have a subscribed email group for homeschooling families where you'll receive notifications about our events and other resources to support your homeschooling journey.

At Back to Play, we believe that homeschooling should be an enriching and enjoyable experience for both parents and children. Join us in creating a vibrant  community where learning and play go hand in hand.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us! 

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