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Fall Bucket List: Unbe-leaf-ably fun

Fall is here, and at Back to Play, we believe that family adventures don't have to break the bank. We've curated a Fall Family Bucket List filled with cost-effective and nontraditional activities to create unforgettable memories together. We can embrace the season and still find ways to play!

1. Leaf Art Scavenger Hunt 🍁

  • Take a leisurely walk and collect vibrant fall leaves.

  • Get creative with leaf rubbings, collages, or pressed leaf art.

2. Blanket Fort Movie Night 🍿

  • Create a cozy fort with blankets and pillows.

  • Enjoy a family movie night with your favorite snacks (bonus if it's an autumn movie!)

3. Nature Scavenger Hunt 🌳

  • Explore a nearby park or trail. (Valley Glades, Don Robinson, and Washington State Park are some of our favorites!)

  • Search for treasures, like acorns, feathers, or interesting rocks.

4. Geocaching Adventure 🗺️

  • Go on a geocaching treasure hunt.

  • Discover hidden "caches" using a GPS or smartphone app.

5. Backyard Campout ⛺

  • Set up a tent in the backyard.

  • Eat yummy snacks and read books or play games. Sleeping overnight not required!

6. Gourmet S'mores Night 🔥

  • Elevate the classic s'mores experience with gourmet ingredients.

  • Try different chocolates, marshmallows, and cookies. Can be done indoors!

7. Volunteer Together 🤝

  • Give back to your community.

  • Join a local cleanup, food drive, or other charitable activity.

8. Social Media Fun (yep, screen time can be bonding too!) 📱

  • Create a TikTok or Youtube channel as a family

  • Search and watch videos that pertain to the family's interests

  • Make funny videos together! (You don't have to post them!)

9. Play Dress Up 🎩

  • Let the children pick outfits for the grown ups from their closet and show off their sense of style

  • Visit a relative's house or a thrift store to borrow clothes (pick a theme like grandma, princess, or detective)

  • Wear them at home to be silly or wear them out in the community and show off your ideas

10. After Dark Playtime 🔦

  • Turn out most or all of the lights in your house

  • Each child gets a flashlight and has to find letters or numbers (this can be as easy or complicated as they want! "We have to find all the letter "R"s!"

  • They can be found on books, pantry items, clothing tags (yep that complicated)

  • Can also hide favorite toys or stuffed animals and they have to search for them!

Let us know which ones you decide to try, and share your experiences with us! 🍁



I am all for music therapy. I would like to see more days with either early session sessions in the morning or later in the afternoon. I could work around nap times.

Nicole Allemann
Nicole Allemann
Oct 17, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for the feedback and your support! We would love to chat with Positive Note Music Therapy about additional or as needed groups. Thank you again for following :)

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